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7 December
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Jeff Young finds himself ever amazed at the crazy variety of projects he can get roped into without realizing it. Besides being editor for the book- The Drunken Comic Book Monkeys – Tales of Scary Scariness, he’s also had a part in a play he co-wrote and performed with Full Circle Productions, starred in a dual role in The Space Stone filmed by Spooky Moon Productions. In the past he’s been published in: Carbon14 as a reviewer, interviewer and fiction writer; Neuronet; Apprise and the Poetic Knight as well as the ever popular Trail of Indiscretion and its sister production Cemetery Moon. His story “Written in Light” will appear in the 26th edition of L.Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future next year. Jeff has led the Watch the Skies SF and Fantasy discussion group at Barnes and Noble in Camp Hill, PA for nine years and the Word Wrights writing group for eight years and looks forward to continuing as long as the powers that be will let him. He is also an instructor for the “Step Back in Time” class at the Dreamwrights Youth and Family Theater which prepares children for their first trip to Renaissance Faires.
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