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MilSciFi.Com Interview
B/W headshot

 I was fortunate enough to get another interview, this time with the producers of the Defending the Future series, the latest of which contains my short story "Blankets".  The third book, By Other Means will be launched this Sunday at the Balticon Convention in Hunt Valley, Maryland.  The interview is available here - http://www.milscifi.com/files/inter-JY-BOM.htm.  After tomorrow the fun starts.  I should have several panels, as well as an autograph session with the Drunken Comic Book Monkeys from Fortress Publications and even a reading.  Right now I'm still putting last minutes bits together and considering what to choose for the reading.  Looking forward to seeing good friends like Bill DeSmedt, Maria Snyder, Danielle Ackley-McPhail and Mike McPhail, James Daniel Ross and many more as well as trading tales in the bar.