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Occasionally Someone Notices
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Writing is a lonely venture - for most of us.  I've never really hit the "let's sit in Starbucks and write" groove, because it reminds me too much of work, where someone inevitably would have me doing returns or getting them change.  You do tend to work in a vacuum  with regards to whether or not what you've produced is worthy.  So it is nice to occasionally have someone notice.  Now I don't mean your friends (gang, your opinions count, absolutely).  Instead I am referring to the stranger who finds something to like in what you've done.  Right now, until the writing starts paying the bills, like the heating oil one, I'll be happy with the warm fuzzy from someone who liked the story. So today was a pleasurable experience when the first review that actually mentions my story turned out to be positive.  Thanks to Frank Dutkiewicz for the review of Writers of the Future 26 on Diabolical Plots - http://www.diabolicalplots.com/?p=2026.  


"Writing from the perspective of an alien species is always difficult. The author couldn’t have made it more so with such a novel idea like the wickurn. Mr Young developed not only one freakishly alien species but two, a butterfly like hive mentality called the chenditi. The author created a galaxy with an unusual concept of inter-species cooperation through a settlement program meant to include galactic community at large. In this tale a background model of radically different races existing side-by-side for the common good is presented. Zoi’ahmets uncovers a conspiracy to undermine this grand goal, and the wickurns sense of justice becomes the focus of the tale.

The story is a work of wonder. Mr Young’s ability to bring such an alien species to life makes him very deserving a spot in this anthology.

Grade A-"    Frank Dutkiewicz

Thanks Frank! It was a long day today and that was just what I needed when I checked my email before leaving work.  Glad you enjoyed the story,

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Really excellent. Glad to see others are starting to notice what "the local gang" have known for a while.

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