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Of Mice and Men
B/W headshot
So awhile back friends and I were starting an acting company.  We of course wanted to get paid.  The caveat to that is that only professionals get paid and of course the definition of being professional was you got paid.  Chicken the egg, writer needs an agent- you see where I'm going here.  So of course I found it amusing when tonight my sister-in-law called me a fight choreographer because I took some time to help at Dreamwrights Youth and Family Theater with their production of The Nutcracker.  Because you obviously couldn't be called a fight choreographer unless you choreographed a fight.  I was being cautious, because the next thing you know some one will really expect something from you.  Now I walked in there tonight and with the help of a good friend, we designed an uncomplicated sequence that we taught to kids ranging from 12-8 that actually looked pretty good.  What amazed me was how much the kids put into it, listened and really gave their all to the performance.  They were great little troopers and even did very well adapting to the changes that we made to increase the length of the their scene.  So in the end, there were twelve mice and soldiers whirling around wooden swords clacking them together and yelling their battle cries at their opponents/parteners.  When I see the show in December, that little 5 minutes is probably really going to make my day and today somebody called me a fight choreographer - think I kinda' like that.